We help people find their way

GJ+H is a design-focused, wayfinding masterplanning studio founded by award-winning design director Geoff Holliday. GJ+H creates intricate wayfinding masterplans that link together functional and operational requirements with experience design into one integrated system.

Our purpose is ‘To help people find their way’ through bespoke masterplans for individual events, stadia and transport hubs, through to consultation on wayfinding projects, last mile wayfinding and teaching resources.

GJ+H was created by Geoff Holliday following the completion of his role in leading the wayfinding masterplan for the London Organising Committee (LOCOG) for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2012. 

The wayfinding.workshop is born from his experience at London 2012, alongside working on World Cups, stadiums and arenas, exhibition spaces, transport networks, rail stations and airports.

From its Oxfordshire studio, GJ+H works on global projects, and the team is currently designing masterplans throughout the sport and venue world. 

GJ+H collaborates with clients and stakeholders and forms partnerships to create a masterplan approach to user experience, information systems and project delivery.  The company has created systems for sports events, stadiums and arenas, transport networks, rail stations and airports.

Our work ranges from collaborating on building design, briefing and strategic advice and peer reviews to system design and delivery. 

At GJ+H we delve deep into the art of wayfinding to create masterplans which are simultaneously detailed and simple. Using 25 years’ of wayfinding masterplanning experience to create bespoke plans for those who run events, transport stadia, through to those who wish to learn the art of wayfinding masterplanning.

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Selected work from Geoff Holliday’s wayfinding portfolio including: drawings, photographs + details.


A behind-the-scenes look at the design process to create
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