Wayfinding is what people do.

There are many things that influence this and many things they use to do it.

The masterplan approach is an approach that links together functional requirements with core identity and information principles into one integrated system.

Building a case for the masterplan approach

A wayfinding masterplan has a major role in promoting outstanding venue design across a range of products and services that will transform the user experience.

Before the creation of any products and services the masterplan approach starts with the spatial plan. This how a spaces, venues and buildings are organised into a legible, user-friendly site that puts the how people move at the core of all planning and design. Often this can mean a radical shift in operations.

Understanding that a wayfinding device might be a physical product such as a sign or ticket but also the spatial plan of a building or space, how its areas are named or numbered, how a hierarchy of routes are created is at the core of the masterplan concept.

User experience

A wayfinding masterplan uses a system of parts that makes spaces easier to use and navigate and improves the end user’s experience

A wayfinding masterplan is built from a system of parts that are of equal value and are interdependent to each other.

The three key principles of a masterplan

Understanding the function of every wayfinding product and service that is created.A set of movement principles which help align all those involved and guide decision making throughout the project.
Design every wayfinding and service with the masterplan in mind.

Wayfinding products and services

Journeys to, through and from a venue are influenced by both active and passive products and services. Each and every product should be designed for its specific location and function.

A wayfinding masterplan will create a common set of principles that can be used by venue owners, stakeholders and third party owners across the entire project.

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