The business case for a wayfinding masterplan

Wayfinding is an ever-evolving concept, often developing in real time. As guests and clients use and move through a venue, event or locatio, guided by key elements from the signs and maps, to tickets and apps, and how the space is divided up they should be following a wayfinding masterplan. We say should, because the … Read more

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London 2012: A blueprint for event wayfinding

On July 27th 2012, the doors opened on the London Olympics, and as Head of Wayfinding on the project, I saw 18 months of intricate work and a brand new approach to wayfinding take shape. It’s important to remember that, for most of the ticket holders, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an Olympic Games … Read more

Why the brief is so important.

For somebody that operates or manages a venue or event, the wayfinding at it or event is a key part of the process. Perhaps even the biggest challenge that you will face, as the demands on the venue, its resources and facilities fall to you and your team. It is likely in your working experience you have … Read more

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The reasons for informed choices

An informed choice in wayfinding system is when someone is told information that allows them to decide what they’ll do next, why and how. An informed choice gives information that is not necessarily just a direction. One of the best examples is the signs in airports which show how long it will take to get … Read more

Storytelling. And why it matters

One of the first things I will ask a designer when creating a wayfinding masterplan is: “Tell me how this will work.”It’s a question which delves behind the system itself to reveal the ‘story’ behind the decisions that have led to the wayfinding masterplan. But what is the story? And what do we mean by … Read more

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What is a wayfinding masterplan?

A wayfinding masterplan is a system of parts: It’s what people do when they choose to visit an event or venue, and how they move about during their time there. Splitting the word into two gives it its true meaning: Way Finding. People are finding their way – around a venue, an event, and to … Read more